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Permanently reduce your operating costs by extending the life of tyres, choosing the most suitable tyres and optimizing warehouse. All this with positive impact on reliability and safety. Use OptimTyre, get an overview, service in time and save even more.



You get quality and timely information about the condition of the tyres on your vehicles and in warehouses. You will have the overview what and when is for your tyres important to do.

With OptimTyre you will have all important information in one place, accessible from anywhere and anytime.



With constantly updated data, you can identify the needs of your fleet faster and earlier than ever before.

Operations that prolong tyre life, will be done in time, to exploit their potential. Not miss any opportunity to reduce your operating costs at an optimal level.



With OptimTyre you know the cost per km and what tyres are most appropriate for you.

You can skillfully estimate the consumption of tyres in the next period and optimize your inventory.

This will reduce fuel consumption, the number of defects and unplanned shutdowns of vehicles.



Accurate and up-to-date information is always within reach

All information about your tyres are complete in one place. Accessible to all users from anywhere and anytime.

High labour productivity

Mechanics can work online with tablets or offline with paper protocols. You will achieve the highest productivity by using tablet in combination with an inspection probe for tread depth and air pressure measurement.


Unbeatable value, low price

By professional care and selection of suitable tyres you can reduce operating costs for tyres up to 30%. Your costs for using OptimTyre are known in advance, clear and without any hidden items.

Analyzes on one click

Up-to-date and fast-on-line analysis will enable you to make the right and timely decisions wherever you are.

Analýza na jeden klik

Secure cloud

Highest security and confidentiality of your data are obviousness.

Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is suitable OptimTyre ?

OptimTyre is designed for carriers , which provide tyre services on their own vehicles and for service providers,  which provide complete tyre services to carriers. Both groups of users will get a professional tyre management tool and will be independent of truck tyre manufacturer.

What hardware do I need to operate OptimTyre ?

Just an ordinary PC with internet access and a current web browser  Chrome or Internet Explorer.

When using a tablet, we recommend displey min. 10“, resolutions min. 1024 x 768 and operating system iOS 10 or Android 7.0 or higher. In the case of conventional tablet, it is appropriate to increase their resilience through protective cases against falls, water and dust.  We will be happy to assist you with the selection of appropriate protective cases for your tablets.

Can we work with OptimTyre without tablets ?

Of course. Data can be entered into application also from paper protocols. Although you will lose 2x more time by their jotting and entering, the data in the application will be never up-to-date, this way of working is also possible. You will see soon, that you will want to work more efficiently and go to work online with tablet.

Will be my data secure and backed up regularly ?

Yes. Your data are stored on servers in the data center with 24-hour security monitoring, redundant power suply and aircondition, active fire detection and an inert gas fire system that will not damage the technology, distributions or data in the case of a fire. Additionally, the database is backed up several times a day on backup servers in a separate location.

To ensure the security of your data, it is essential that all your users follow the security rules for access to the application. Only than will be your data safe.


Will continue the development of OptimTyre , how I get the last version ?

The application is constantly developed and users will always have the latest version with new features.

This is one of the benefits of the “Software as a Service” (SaaS)

What are the advantages of "Software as a Service“ for users ?

The initial cost of software acquisition is substantially lower than the one-time license price and its upgrade.

The user has no worries about running the app and can fully focus on the primary subject of his business. OptimTyre ensures that software is running in the data center, guarantees its upgrades, system and application support. The user does not have to install any software and take care of its updates, security and backups.

What is the price of OptimTyre ?

We offer OptimTyre in the “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model. The user does not pay a license for the acquisition and development. He pays only a one time activation fee for user training, user settings and regular monthly fee for usage.

The monthly fee is based on the number of tyres on the vehicles. The cost of running the application is thus proportional to the savings. The more tyres you have in the application, the more costs you save.

OptimTyre is so convenient for small, medium and large businesses. We will gladly prepare for you price offer.

What training does OptimTyre offer and what is the price?

OptimTyre’s operation is simple and intuitive. We train users in the headquarters of their company. Basic training for mechanics, managers and key user will takes place during one day. Subsequent half-day training about 1 month after commissioning. The price of both training is included in the one-time activation fee.

What support does OptimTyre offer to users?

Technical support for “key users” is available on business days from 8:00 to 17:00.

A user with a role manager or a key user can take advantage of an audit focused on potential cost savings. The audit is charged and takes the form of coaching directly at the user’s workplace.

Can I get more information ?

Of course. If you are interested, call +420 731 739 285, write to or fill in an online questionnaire.

What can the mechanics work with

Zápis kontroly pneumatik

Paper protocol

  • Protocols for the next inspection can be printed from the application with the results of previous inspection
  • 2 times laborious data collection (write a paper protocol, and then enter into the application)
  • It is necessary to minimize the delay between collecting and entering data and its distortion
  • Mechanic has a limited amount of information available (only data from paper protocol)
  • Actuality of data in the application depends on the speed of  protocol’s entering


  • Data is entered directly into the application (without delay, rewriting and distortion)
  • Mechanic has all the necessary information online
  • Tread depths and air pressure are measured by the standard equipment
  • The data in the application is always up to date.

Set Tablet a Sonda

Tablet + inspection probe

  • Mechanics measure the tread depth and air pressure by the inspection probe. The measured values are transferred to the tablet via Bluetooth.
  • Other data is entered directly into the application (without delay, rewriting and distortion)
  • Mechanics have all the necessary information online
  • Measurement is much faster than by standard equipment, it is the most effective way of collecting data
  • The data in the application is always upto date

Are you considering using OptimTyre?

Are you not satisfied with the current level of tyre care? Are you looking for other savings possibilities with positive impacts on safety and reliability? Do you want to keep costs under control? Responses to these and other questions can be personally discussed during a free and non-binding consultation and presentation of OptimTyre directly in your office.



Fill in and submit the following form. We’ll contact you till the the next business day to arrange the date of presentation.

Optimtyre tablet - sonda - notebook

Price offer

We offer OptimTyre in the “Software as a Service” model. Its user pays a one-time activation fee for user training, initial setup and application access, and then regularly monthly fee for usage.

The monthly fee is based on the number of tyres on vehicles and is thus directly proportional to the achieved savings.

Let us prepare a quotation tailored to your needs.



If you are interested in the quote, please fill out the following form or call +420 731 739 285. We will contact you till the next business day and prepare  a quote tailored to your needs.


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